Heart & Vascular

Heart & Vascular

The most comprehensive heart and vascular care in Mid-Michigan

If you’re seeking a diagnosis, you can benefit from UM Health-Sparrow’s accredited diagnostic lab (the only one in Mid-Michigan), which is the regional leader in noninvasive cardiovascular diagnostic testing. 

If your doctor has recommended a noninvasive procedure for heart or circulation programs, UM Health-Sparrow is the only regional provider of many of these advanced techniques. 

And if you are looking for an expert heart surgeon, UM Health-Sparrow is also Mid-Michigan’s destination for highly trained and board-certified cardiovascular surgeons with exceptional track records.

What is cardiovascular care at UM Health-Sparrow?

Cardiology includes a focus on care for the heart and valve system. Vascular medicine covers other parts of the circulatory system. As your heart pumps blood through valves to your arteries and veins, it’s all one connected system. And at UM Health-Sparrow, we treat it in the same way.  

Here at UM Health-Sparrow, our vascular medicine experts, our cardiac electrophysiologists, our structural heart program clinicians, and our cardiac and thoracic surgeons collaborate to provide full-service cardiac care to patients like you. 

That interconnected approach sets us apart in Mid-Michigan, making us the leading provider of cardiovascular care. And it’s also one of the reasons we’ve been designated a Cardiac Center of Excellence by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan.


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