Inpatient and outpatient services

UM Health-Sparrow is committed to providing a full range of inpatient and outpatient services for your needs, close to home. We offer specialized departments, medical and home care assistance, laboratory and pharmacy provisions, staff and specialists, advanced equipment and technologies, and more.




UM Health-Sparrow Radiology is a leader in comprehensive diagnostic radiology, providing the highest quality images interpreted by trained radiologists.


UM Health-Sparrow retail and specialty pharmacies are a key part of our mission to keep our community healthy and deliver the best care to every patient.


Labratories offers a complete array of lab services, quickly and accurately performing millions of tests each year throughout Mid-Michigan.
medical supply

Medical Supply

Medical Supply is a full-line medical equipment and supply store with everything you need to support health, safety and comfort at home.


Whatever your rehabilitation journey looks like, UM Health-Sparrow experts can help. We offer rehabilitation services at 12 convenient outpatient facilities in Mid-Michigan, so you can get the care you need, close to home.
home care

Home Care

Home Care is a non-profit, certified home care agency serving the Mid-Michigan region.
hospice care

Hospice Care

Compassionate hospice care for anyone with a life-limiting illness, providing relief for physical, mental and spiritual pain.
therapy dog

Pet Therapy Program

Certified therapy dogs visit UM Health-Sparrow Pediatrics twice a week. The dogs bring smiles to the young patients' faces even though the children may not feel well or are