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With MySparrow Video Visits, get expert care anywhere

We know that when you’re under the weather — or you have a sick kid — you’d rather be resting at home than sitting in a doctor’s office. With MySparrow Video Visits, you can access expert treatment from the comfort of home.

UM Health-Sparrow providers are trained to conduct effective, patient-centered Video Visits. They’ll ask you questions about your symptoms (or your loved one’s symptoms) and guide you through an assessment process as they also evaluate the patient’s condition via the video screen. 

Most insurers now cover Video Visits. Sign up for the MySparrow Portal and access quick, convenient Video Visits whenever you need them.

On-Demand Video Visits - Available 24/7

For common ailments like earaches, coughs, fevers, allergies, and infections, you can get the same prompt treatment you’d find at a Urgent Care or Walk-In Care location. Like a “walk-in visit” without leaving your living room.

On-Demand Video Visits are available 24/7; with the exception of being closed on most major holidays. You’ll enter a queue through the online portal and be seen virtually by a provider at any of the UM Health-Sparrow Walk-In Cares.

On-Demand Video Visits are an easy, convenient way to get the care you need.

Scheduled Video Visits

As a UM Health-Sparrow patient, you can also schedule a Video Visit with your own primary care physician or specialist. Maintain your relationship with your trusted provider, while skipping the travel time and the wait in the doctor’s office.


An E-Visit is a convenient way to contact a UM Health-Sparrow provider for common, non-urgent medical conditions. Symptom-Specific E-Visits are for acute-care conditions that require medical decision-making by a provider. E-Visits are similar to the types of visits you would see in an urgent care or primary care office but can also be used for specialty consults and medical advice questions. Our providers will review the E-Visit submission and send a treatment plan, via the MySparrow patient portal messaging system.

Sign up for the MySparrow Portal now

The MySparrow Portal makes video visits faster than ever. We’ll save your information so you won’t have to fill out new forms, making it easy to launch a video visit any time. 

Sign up now for convenient access to care at the time and place that works best for you.

How to Activate a MySparrow Account

Activating a MySparrow account is your ticket to your electronic medical record and is one way we're changing healthcare for the better. The MySparrow app allows you to access quality medical care from anywhere at any time.

Activate Your MySparrow Account through Text Messaging

You are now able to activate your MySparrow Account using our new text activation process. This process expedites activation and eliminates the activation request from being sent to a SPAM folder. You are also able to set up a proxy account through text which makes it easier. Speak with your provider’s office or hospital registration today if you do not have a MySparrow Account.

Please see the helpful document below which can assist you in setting up your MySparrow Account through text activation.

Michigan's Free Wi-Fi Hotspot Map

The State of Michigan, in partnership with the Connected Nation Michigan, has released a statewide Wi-Fi hotspot map to assist residents who currently lack internet access at home. To date, more than 300 Wi-Fi hotspot locations are available from the parking lots of public schools, libraries and other locations across the state. In addition to the location, the map also contains details on how to access the Wi-Fi hotspots’ networks.