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Expert care in every field of medicine

UM Health-Sparrow offers the best possible care in Mid-Michigan…or anywhere. We’ve built the region’s largest network of highly trained healthcare professionals and invested in state-of-the-art facilities and pioneering biomedical technology so we can support the health of our community and patients like you.

Our board-certified physicians are leaders in their fields, who stay up to date on the latest medical findings so they can provide the best treatment available.

Whatever your health needs, you can rely on UM Health-Sparrow’s exceptional team of healthcare practitioners to provide patient-centered care that puts you first.

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UM Health-Sparrow Clinical Trials

The Herbert-Herman Cancer Center offers the largest set of clinical trial programs in the region.

Access the best care, close to home

With more than 150 sites of care across Mid-Michigan, it’s easy for patients like you to get expert treatment without traveling too far. 

You might see us at UM Health-Sparrow Lansing, UM Health-Sparrow Clinton in St. Johns, UM Health-Sparrow Eaton in Charlotte, UM Health-Sparrow Ionia or UM Health-Sparrow Carson. You might visit the award-winning Lansing Heart & Vascular or the world-class Herbert-Herman Cancer Center. Or you might be a patient at one of the dozens of UM Health-Sparrow primary care practices and specialty practices across the region.

But wherever we see you, you’re a UM Health-Sparrow patient first. And we work together as one connected system to make sure you receive the best possible care.