photo of a mother and baby

Childbirth and Parenting Support

Feel equipped and informed during each step of the way

From your positive pregnancy test to taking care of your newborn, it’s important to understand what to expect during your pregnancy, birthing, and early parenting stages. You can have confidence knowing our highly skilled physicians are here to guide you throughout your journey. UM Health-Sparrow has also partnered with Expectant Parents Organization (EPO) to offer many great classes to provide you with meaningful knowledge and opportunities to practice as you begin to prepare.


Preparing for labor and delivery can feel intimidating at times. We’re here to help ease any anxieties that may arise. It’s important to understand what you can expect during pregnancy. UM Health-Sparrow has provided a Prenatal Guide to answer many of your questions as you begin this journey. Classes can also be a great way to learn and practice different techniques that can improve your labor and delivery experience, inform you about C-Sections, and discuss what to expect during your postpartum recovery. We recommend you begin taking classes by the 28th week of your pregnancy.


When the time comes, we want you to feel confident leaving the hospital with your newborn. From breastfeeding to soothing a crying baby, there’s so much to learn. We’re always here to answer your questions, but it’s also helpful to prepare through demonstrations and hands on learning that can be provided through a class. Click the link below to view the different classes that will provide you with space to ask questions, learn from experts, and even meet other families in similar stages.