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We are here to help with your sleep needs.

The UM Health-Sparrow Sleep Center is a resource for patients who have sleep apnea and other sleep disorders. It seeks to increase each patient's knowledge and understanding of their sleep disorder. By helping to diagnose the UM Health-Sparrow Sleep Center strives to assist patients with improving their overall health, provide high-quality, cost-effective care that is accessible to all people in the Mid-Michigan area.

The goal is to provide high-quality, cost-effective care that is accessible to all people in the Mid-Michigan area.

Sleep disorder testing is performed on infants, children, and adults. Diagnostic testing, CPAP/bilevel titrations, and reevaluation of current CPAP/bilevel settings are performed. The Sleep Center also offers a CPAP/bilevel troubleshooting clinic free of charge. 

Sleep disorder testing is done in a comfortable, home-like environment by specially trained technologists, and all physicians interpreting sleep evaluations are board-certified in sleep medicine.


UM Health-Sparrow Sleep Center has been accredited since 1995. The American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) is a professional association whose goal is to set high standards and ensure quality patient care in the field of sleep disorders medicine. By maintaining accreditation, the Sleep Center has demonstrated that it meets standards developed by the AASM.

What is Sleep Apnea?

Apnea is a Greek word meaning “without breath”. When a person stops breathing while sleeping they are experiencing Sleep Apnea.

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How do I get a sleep study?

Poor sleep, like any medical issue, should be discussed with your primary physician as the first step in the treatment process. Discuss with him/her the symptoms you are having. If your doctor feels you may be suffering from sleep apnea he/she will send an order to the sleep clinic to schedule a sleep test.

A physician order is required to schedule sleep testing. 

Download the Sleep Center referral form. Download the referral form.

Patient getting set in Sleep Center by Pulmonary Care specialist

What can I expect during my sleep study?

Sleep testing is scheduled during regular sleep hours - either night or day, depending on the individual's schedule. The sleep testing is performed in a comfortable, home-like environment by specially trained technologists. The rooms are private, equipped with full-sized beds, cable TV, and DVD player, and private bathroom and shower facilities.

A sleep technologist places small sensors on various parts of the body for documentation of brain waves and muscle activity during sleep. The sensors allow the technologist to monitor the patient's sleep from another room. The patient will be required to be at the sleep center for a minimum of seven hours.

How can Medical Supply help?

Quality Equipment: We use equipment from leading manufacturers. They stand behind their equipment and that makes it easy for us to do the same. UM Health-Sparrow Medical Supply has been building solid relationships with our suppliers for over 20 years. With open communication and a “serve the patient first attitude” we strive to satisfy our customers with outstanding service and quality products.

The UM Health-Sparrow Network: As part of the UM Health-Sparrow Family of Services we work directly with the Sleep Center to schedule appointments and make your visit to Medical Supply as trouble free and timely as possible. Medical Supply has five locations throughout Mid-Michigan. Products, help, and other information are available at our online store.

Satisfaction: UM Health-Sparrow Medical Supply has thousands of patients using our CPAP and Bi-Level equipment and supplies. Our average satisfaction rating is *97 percent on all our products and services.

Professionalism: Trained respiratory care professionals are always available to answer questions and ensure that each patient is fully instructed on the operation, safety, and care of the CPAP or Bi-Level equipment and supplies.

Eligibility Notification: We will automatically set you up on a quarterly notification program and will contact you to let you know when your insurance company will allow for additional equipment or supplies. Our knowledgeable staff keeps track of the sometimes confusing insurance rules and regulations in order to allow you to get the most from your insurance coverage.

Insurance Billing Services: We bill most third party insurance companies for covered equipment and supplies.

We quickly obtain prior approval from your insurance company, so you know which equipment and supplies are covered as well as your cost, if any. Our Provider Relations Associates are knowledgeable in insurance company billing codes and policies. They will help you feel assured that you are covered for the equipment you are receiving.

We accept PHP, SPHN, BCN, Blue Cross, Medicare, Medicaid, and many other third party insurances.

    CPAP/BiPAP’s and Accessories

    We carry a full line of CPAP and Bi-Level equipment and supplies from leading manufacturers of durable medical equipment. Many products are available online and because we have a long list of suppliers we most likely can find parts and accessories for older equipment as well.

    Items Include:

    • CPAP’s
    • Bi-Level’s
    • Masks
    • Mask parts
    • Tubing
    • Filters
    • Headgear
    • Heated humidifiers
    • Non-Heated humidifiers
    CPAP Masks on display in Sleep Center


    Lansing Sleep Center

    St. Lawrence, Building One
    1210 W. Saginaw Street
    Lansing, MI 48915

    Lansing Sleep Center is open 24 hours, Monday-Thursday
    Every other Friday through Sunday.  

    Phone: 517-364-6310

    Fax: 517-364-6315

    Carson Sleep Center

    510 Maple Street
    Carson City, MI 48811

    Scheduling Hours:
    Tuesday thru Friday, 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.

    Study Hours:
    Tuesday and Wednesday, with weekend's by special appointment

    Phone: 989-584-3131 extension, 25010

    Clinton Sleep Center

    UM Health-Sparrow Clinton, 3rd Floor
    805 S. Oakland Street
    St. Johns, MI 48879

    Study Hours:
    Monday, Tuesday, Friday | 8 p.m. - 8 a.m.

    Phone: 989-227-3321

    Eaton Sleep Center

    321 E. Harris Street
    Charlotte, MI 48813

    Scheduling Hours:
    Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday | 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. 
    Friday | 9 a.m. - 2 p.m. 

    Study Hours:
    7 days a week by appointment

    Phone: 517-541-5845

    Ionia Sleep Center

    3565 S State Road
    Ionia, MI 48846

    Scheduling Hours:
    Monday thru Friday, 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.

    Study Hours:
    7 days a week by appointment

    Phone: 616-523-1570