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Thoracic Surgery

Your chest contains more than your heart

UM Health-Sparrow Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery is an integral part of UM Health-Sparrow Heart and Vascular Center's advanced treatment options for cardiovascular disease that includes comprehensive heart, lung, vascular and vein care.

With these highly trained and board certified surgical specialists, the UM Health-Sparrow Hospital Heart and Vascular Center enhances its cardiac, vascular, and thoracic treatment options for open heart, blood vessel, and lung surgeries, as well as minimally invasive angioplasty, stent, and laser procedures for treatment of aneurysms, blocked arteries, and varicose and spider veins.

Clinical Services

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Vascular Surgery

Vascular Surgeons diagnose, treat, and manage issues affecting circulation, especially the legs, arms, neck and kidneys.
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Cardiothoracic Surgery

Chest (thoracic) surgeons at UM Health-Sparrow diagnose and surgically treat conditions lungs and chest. Click on What You Need To Know for more information.
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Cardiovascular Surgery

Heart (cardiovascular) surgeons diagnose and treat conditions of your heart and blood vessels. The goal is to repair damage caused by diseases or disorders of the cardiovascular system.