Sparrow unveils area’s only Cardiac MRI machine

Published: February 23, 2022

LANSING, MI – For American Heart Month, Sparrow is promoting a new cardiac tool for patients that’s offered nowhere else in Mid-Michigan.

The Cardiac MRI machine takes a comprehensive, thorough look deep into a patient’s heart, allowing our highly skilled physicians to better evaluate the structure and tissue. It’s a major advancement in measuring how the heart is functioning and can uncover issues that other technology can’t. And it’s close to home so that Mid-Michigan residents don’t have to travel outside the area.

Amber Fisher, 31, of Lansing, recently had the procedure when she experienced chest pains and was glad it was available just down the block from her.

Cardiac MRI Patient Fisher
Amber Fisher of Lansing discusses how the Cardiac MRI gave her peace of mind after she experienced chest pains.
“My mother had a massive heart attack at 50 so I was not going to take any chances, and to have this access to this medicine right in my backyard was beyond amazing,”

Fisher was thankfully found to have no serious issues.

Christopher Hanson, M.D., a cardiovascular physician at Sparrow TCI, called the Cardiac MRI “one tool in a toolbox of multiple different imaging techniques for patients, from cardiac ultrasounds to nuclear imaging to cardiac CT (scans). It very much complements and completes our cardiac imaging here at Sparrow.”

The Cardiac MRI only recently came to Sparrow but it’s had an immediate impact, Dr. Hanson said.

“We’ve had a number of diagnoses in patients that have really transformed their lives. We’re now able to definitively diagnose them with a disease process that they didn’t know they had previously, which allows us to treat them in the best way possible.”
Cardiac MRI scans
Christopher Hanson, M.D., reviews images of a heart from Sparrow’s Cardiac MRI machine.
Cardiac MRI Christopher Hanson of TCI
Dr. Hanson explains the value of Cardiac MRI and what it means for patients.

Those interested should speak to their primary care physician or cardiologist.

Sparrow has received national recognition as one of the top hospitals treating heart attack patients.

Sparrow Heart and Vascular Center services include non-invasive testing, Catheterization Laboratories, and a Cardiac Recovery Unit.

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