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Mary Free Bed at UM Health-Sparrow

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Highly specialized inpatient rehabilitative care

Mary Free Bed at UM Health-Sparrow, a joint venture between Lansingand Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital, offers highly specialized inpatient rehabilitative care for patients, ages 18 years and older, recovering from illnesses and injuries requiring intensive rehabilitation.

We develop an individualized treatment plan with you and your family, to maximize your functional abilities. Our goal is to get you back home and as close as possible to your normal routine, so discharge planning begins as soon you arrive. Our rehabilitation unit features 40 private patient rooms, state-of-the-art therapy gyms and high-tech equipment.

Mary Free Bed at UM Health-Sparrow was the Top Performer in “Overall Quality of Care” for inpatient rehabilitation units as recognized for Professional Research Consultants, PRC. As a result of this national recognition, Mary Free Bed at UM Health-Sparrow is at the top of inpatient rehabilitation units based on direct feedback from the patients we serve.

Mary Free Bed @ Sparrow Top Performer 2019-2023

Our Team

Rehabilitation Physician (Physiatrist)

A physician who is a specialist in rehabilitation medicine (physiatrist) is the physician who oversees your care in acute inpatient rehabilitation. This is not the same physician who coordinated your care when you were in the acute hospital. Your physiatrist provides medical management, coordinates care with your other physicians, and oversees your rehabilitation program. The physiatrist is your attending physician. Your physiatrist, or an associate physiatrist resident, meets with you daily to discuss your progress and makes recommendations for future treatment.


Your nurse has specific experience in rehabilitation and monitors your medical needs on a 24-hour basis. Look to your nurse as a key contact who can explain how your day will be organized and who can support you as you practice the exercises you learn in therapy. Talk with her/him if you are having pain that impacts your progress in therapy. Your nurse can help identify strategies that address the problem. We work together as a care team to ensure we are managing your pain effectively so you can fully participate with your rehabilitation program.

Patient Care Technician (PCT)

Your PCT will help to provide you basic support with your activities of daily living and mobility tasks. They will assist you and encourage you to perform at your maximum level. As our goal is to get you to the highest level of function, we discourage use of bedpans and encourage mobility.

Physical Therapist

A physical therapist helps you to develop and regain physical strength, endurance and coordination. Your individualized plan of care includes therapeutic exercises and activities that help you develop the strength and endurance needed to achieve your goals. You will work with your physical therapist daily to become more independent with bed mobility, wheelchair mobility, walking and other functional skills. You are expected to practice some of these exercises when you are not in therapy, using nursing assistance when needed.

Occupational Therapist

Your occupational therapist helps you coordinate your physical and mental abilities with activities of daily living such as grooming, toileting, bathing and dressing, eating, cooking and community skills. Your therapist teaches you strategies to increase independence and can recommend and help you order special adaptive equipment if you need it. Practicing the skills you learn in occupational therapy helps with your transition home.

Speech/Language Pathologist

Speech/Language pathologists evaluate and treat Patients with speech, language, and cognitive disorders or changes. They help you develop and regain skills in communication, thinking, and reasoning. They also evaluate and treat individuals who have problems swallowing.


A psychologist assesses your cognitive and emotional functioning and provides further services as needed. Many Patients and their families also benefit from behavioral pain management, psychotherapy to aid in coping with medical, mood and cognitive issues, or family counseling to facilitate communication and role changes that may accompany illness or disability.

Discharge Planner

The discharge planner is your liaison with the rehabilitation team, your family, and your insurance carrier. They work with you and your support person to plan for your discharge. They arrange for many of the services and/or equipment recommended for you by the team and identify community resources to help with your transition home.


Good nutrition is an important part of your recovery process. A dietitian is available to evaluate your nutritional needs and to ensure that your diet is right for you throughout your stay. If you have a personal preference or cultural requirement regarding your diet, please let our team know.


Chaplains are available as requested to provide you with spiritual support, talk with you about your faith, pray with you and discuss possible ethical concerns. Clergy of most denominations are available for spiritual counseling.

Campus Facilities & Parking

Located in UM Health-Sparrow Lansing on the sixth floor of the Newmann Wing. 

UM Health-Sparrow Lansing

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Building A - Main Hospital

Sparrow Building A Sixth Level

Visitor Information

We welcome visitors to Mary Free Bed at UM Health-Sparrow, with the following guidelines:

  • No more than two visitors per patient at one time.
  • Visitors are not allowed to smoke in the hospital.
  • Children are allowed to visit only if accompanied by an adult. Please do not leave children unattended.
  • Visitors should check with the dietitian or rehabilitation nurse before bringing in candy, food or drinks as these may interfere with diet restrictions.
  • No phone calls are allowed to patient extensions after 9 p.m. Visitors may direct calls to the nursing station after that time.

Visiting hours are flexible on the Mary Free Bed at UM Health-Sparrow Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit because of therapy schedules. Visitors are welcome any time during the day, though we request them to leave the unit by 8 p.m. Visitation should not interfere with scheduled therapy.