Child Life Internship

Child Life Internship and practicum programs

Students will gain experience in Pediatrics, Pediatric Intensive Care, Emergency, and Pre-Op. Practicums are 200 hours, typically 16 hours a week. Practicums provide opportunities for observing the role of Child Life Specialists and becoming more familiar with working in the hospital setting.  

Internships are 40 hours a week up to a minimum of 600 hours. Internships provide opportunities for gaining and mastering the skills required to prepare you to work in the Child Life profession.

We accept interns and practicum students three times a year (Winter/Spring, Summer, and Fall). We follow the Association of Child Life guidelines for application deadlines.

We are currently accepting applications. See deadlines below. 

Application deadlines:


Application deadline: Jan. 5
Initial offer date: 2nd Tuesday of February
Acceptance date: Following Wednesday


Application date: March 15
Initial offer date: 2nd Tuesday of May
Acceptance date: Following Wednesday


Application date: Sept. 7
Initial offer date: 2nd Tuesday of October
Acceptance date: Following Wednesday

***Current and previous UM Health-Sparrow Pediatric Volunteers are not eligible to apply for Practicum and Internship***

    Requirements to apply for internships:

    • Complete the Internship Readiness Common Application. Detailed instructions on how to complete the application can be found through the link.
    • Email the downloaded application to childlife@UM
    • The email subject line should state the internship session (winter/spring, fall, summer) and year.
    • In addition to the PDF downloaded as part of the ACLP Internship Readiness Common Application, please also submit a copy of your Resume for consideration.

    Requirements to apply for practicums:

    • Cover Letter
    • Resume
    • Three (3) Letters of Recommendation
    •  Application

    Mail applications to:

    Pediatrics-Child Life Services
    1215 E. Michigan Ave
    P.O. Box 30480
    Lansing, MI 48909-7980


    Email Aileen Hansen, Child Life Specialist, at Aileen.Hansen@UM