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Sparrow Foundation Corporate Giving

Corporate Giving to the Sparrow Foundation

As a not-for-profit community-based health system, UM Health-Sparrow is committed to building relationships throughout our region in each of our surrounding communities. Part of our role as a pillar organization in Michigan’s capital city is sharing our resources to benefit the citizens of Michigan. We work hard to build and maintain mutually beneficial long-term relationships with both corporate and foundation community partners.

Additional Materials

Foundation Corporate Giving Packet Teaser
Corporate Giving Packet

The Sparrow Foundation Corporate Giving Packet is a 14 page downloadable PDF that provides a wealth of information on how companies can establish lasting partnerships throughout the Mid-Michigan community.

Corporate Agreement Fillable Form
Sparrow Foundation Fillable Corporate Agreement

Please use this easy-to-fill partner agreement form to pledge support. Simply download and fill out the form right on your computer. We look forward to working with you to maximize the impact and benefits of your gift.

Positive Image and Emotional Connection

Through combined marketing efforts, our community partners connect their businesses and products with our network of caregivers, volunteers, patients, vendors, as well as other partnering organizations and companies. A partnership with the Sparrow Foundation helps our communities by providing vital philanthropic investment while aligning our partners with one of Michigan’s most respected and recognized academic medical institutions.

Corporate giving sends the powerful message that your company is stable, confident about the future, and a key presence in the community.

Enhanced Employee Morale, Health, and Pride

A gift to UM Health-Sparrow is an investment in the success of your company and the morale of your employees. According to a Cone/Roper Study on consumer attitudes, Americans value companies’ contributions to charitable causes. More than half of those surveyed indicated they want companies to be involved in improving the quality of life in their communities, and 84 percent stated they have a more positive image of a company if it is doing something to make the world better. Education and healthcare are the most important causes Americans want companies to support and their impact is more critical than ever. The same study found that, after price and quality, one-third of respondents consider a company’s responsible business practices the most important factor in deciding whether or not to buy a brand. Social responsibility was noted to be more influential than advertising.

Corporate philanthropy doesn’t just benefit relationships with external audiences; it also strengthens ties with employees. Studies have shown that employees feel good when their employers engage in philanthropy, and one way to improve employee loyalty is to be a good corporate citizen. Employees are well aware of budget constraints during tough times, but they also need to know the company for which they work is still a strong community member. They want to work for a business with heart.

Tax Benefits

Formed in 1960, the Sparrow Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that serves the mission and vision of UM Health-Sparrow Health System. Donors receive federal and state tax benefits as provided under IRS law. Consult your advisor for specifics.

Serving Our Community for More than a Century

UM Health-Sparrow’s history serving the healthcare needs of Mid-Michigan is long, dating back to 1896 when 114 amazing women solidified their dream of caring for area families. With the philanthropic support of Edward W. UM Health-Sparrow in the form of funding and property on which UM Health-Sparrow Hospital still stands today, their dream of providing local, extraordinary care came to fruition.

On that solid foundation, UM Health-Sparrow continues to grow and serve the men, women, and children from all corners of our region with the latest medical advances available. We now have more than 115 sites of care including five hospitals: Edward W. UM Health-Sparrow Hospital, Carson, Clinton, Eaton, and Ionia.

At the Sparrow Foundation, the corporate and community partnerships we forge remain critical to the expansion of services like pediatrics, cancer care, senior health, and delivering care during a global health crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic. Nothing is more important than the health of our region.

Your partnership is vital to the care we provide. Together we’ll continue our commitment to providing world-class care close to home to all those in Mid-Michigan, no matter life’s circumstances.

Generosity heals.

View a full list of our sponsor partners in our annual report.

Sparrow Foundation Corporate Giving Testimonials

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Through collaboration with local organizations, together we are able to drive positive change in our communities. Take a look at what organizations have to say about partnering with the Foundation.

Contact the Foundation

Should you need anything, please call us at 517.364.3620 or email Foundation@UM To connect with one of our Sparrow Foundation Team Members, please visit our Sparrow Foundation Contact Us and Team Member Page.

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