UM Health-Sparrow Health Sciences Library

For Healthcare Professionals

The UM Health-Sparrow Health Sciences Library supports the institutional mission of UM Health-Sparrow by providing access to comprehensive fully digital evidence-based resources for all UM Health-Sparrow team members.  Resources include professional databases, indices, thousands of professional eJournals, eBooks and point-of-care tools in support of clinical decision-making.  Access to UM Health-Sparrow Library resources is limited to UM Health-Sparrow team members and are available via remote login procedures.

Community Resources

The UM Health-Sparrow Health Sciences Library also supports the Mid-Michigan Community by providing high quality health information in support of shared decision-making between patients, family, friends and their healthcare providers.  Contact the UM Health-Sparrow Library at  The UM Health-Sparrow Library can provide reviews of the literature and other information support in your search for better understanding of health-related questions.

There are valuable free health information resources available to the entire Mid-Michigan Community.  Begin your search for quality health information at:

  • National Library of Medicine’s MedlinePlus. Provides an excellent resource on a multitude of health-related topics.
  • Michigan Electronic Library.  MeL provides a broad set of resources on all topics.