Sparrow Foundation Grateful Patient

Sparrow Foundation Grateful Patient

Grateful Patient Program

Our caregivers touch the lives of patients every day. Sometimes, those interactions have a major impact on the patient’s life even long after their journey with UM Health-Sparrow.

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Have you or a loved one had an extraordinary interaction with UM Health-Sparrow that you would like to share? We’d love to learn more about who and what made you a grateful patient of UM Health-Sparrow. Email your story to Foundation@UM

Make a difference for someone else’s story

When you make a gift in honor of a physician, nurse, therapist, department, or other caregiver in gratitude for the care you or a loved one received, you make an impact on the care that someone else will receive maybe even someone you know. Visit UM to start your giving journey. 

Grateful Patient - Tim Hanna

Tim Hanna says he and his wife Debby are forever grateful to UM Health-Sparrow and Oncologist Muhammad Hamdan, M.D., for helping him triumph over stage 4 Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

They have shown their gratitude through a $100,000 commitment to the Precision Medicine program at the Herbert-Herman Cancer Center in honor of Dr. Hamdan. The Hanna family’s gracious donation is being used to provide cancer treatment for those who require specialized procedures. The gift will have a tremendous impact on the health of the Mid-Michigan community.

“We are forever grateful. We want to give back to the hospital and we can’t think of a better place to do it than the (Herbert-Herman) Cancer Center,” said Tim.

Tim was diagnosed with the lymphoma in 2015. Determined to become a survivor, he – with the support of Debby – went to the Herbert-Herman Cancer Center in Lansing, Michigan, to receive treatment. Today, he is cancer free and enjoying life with his family.

“Tim went through what was a non-conventional treatment. I feel really privileged and special that he gave me first a chance to take care of him. I was also grateful that my plan worked for him,” said Dr. Hamdan.


We pride ourselves on providing high-quality care for every patient, every time. To ensure that we continue to do this, we welcome your feedback. It can be feedback about things we are doing well -or- It may be feedback about opportunities that will improve current and future services for our patients. 

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