Employer Services

Treating you and your employees

We know that the workforce is an employer’s greatest asset and a healthy bottom line depends on healthy, productive employees. Our team takes a comprehensive approach designed to meet the job-related healthcare needs of workers while decreasing medical costs and lost work time for employers.  

Additionally, UM Health-Sparrow provides onsite health screenings, flu clinics, and programs encouraging healthy habits, exercise, and stress management.

Employer services offered

Occupational Health – UM Health-Sparrow provides around-the-clock emergency care. Employees and employers benefit from an Occupational Health Clinic, with onsite X-ray, laboratory, and drug screening services.

Worksite Wellness Services - UM Health-Sparrow provides companies, health screening, health education seminars, wellness coaching, and workplace flu vaccine clinics.

Physicians Health Plan – PHP, one of the nation’s best healthcare plans by NCQA, provides high-quality healthcare coverage to more than 70,000 members and 400 employers across Michigan. 

EAP plus - Partnering with GuidanceResources®, UM Health-Sparrow’s Employee Assistance Program offers someone to talk to and resources to consult with whenever and wherever you need them.

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Occupational Health

UM Health-Sparrow is the region’s most comprehensive provider of worker health services. We partner with employers to keep workplaces healthy and productive.
industrial rehab

Industrial Rehabilitation

The UM Health-Sparrow Industrial Rehabilitation program provides rehabilitation and preventive services to clients in various work settings.