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Angela S. Beckhold, PA-C

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Angela Beckhold, PA-C, has been a physician assistant (PA) for over 20 years. She spent most of those years at a family practice in her hometown caring for a full range of patients. Prior to PA school, Angie spent five years as a surgical technologist working in orthopedic surgery. She has a special interest in the procedural aspect of medicine because of her love for orthopedics. She assists with all aspects of surgery including total joints, fractures, and reconstructions. After many rewarding years at a family practice, she decided to pursue her passion for orthopedics by joining Orthopedics and Sports Medicine. Angie evaluates, diagnoses, and treats a wide variety of orthopedic conditions and fractures. She also performs hip, knee, and shoulder intra-articular and bursa injections, utilizing ultrasound as indicated. She manages pre- and post-operative patients including evaluations, orders, diagnostic testing, pain management, and wound care. Angie values well rounded care for her patients by acknowledging the importance of being aware of their physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual needs. She strives to make each of her patients feel important, respected, and well cared for while seeing a variety of orthopedic conditions.
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Central Michigan University