Flyp Nebulizer at SMS

Flyp Nebulizer

  • The lightest and smallest nebulizer to be cleared by the FDA.
  • Takes only 7 minutes to dispense 3ml of medication.
  • No tubes nor control units. Just fill, click, and breathe.
  • Barely a whisper thanks to HypersoniQ™ Technology. The internal disk vibrates 2000x faster than a hummingbird’s wings.
  • Charging via a USB port
Fly P Info

Flyp Disk

At the heart of Flyp is a disk the size of a dime — and half the thickness of a human hair — with 1,000 microscopic holes that produce an ultra-fine, inhalable aerosol.

Fly P Disk

Flyp Cross Section

HypersoniQ™ Technology allows the disk to vibrate 2,000x faster than a hummingbird’s wings, shortening treatment time to an average of 7 minutes.

Fly P Cross