FITKIDS Certification

The perfect solution for your active child!

Fit Kids Certification

  • Available to members ages 8-12 years.
  • Children ages 8-10 are able to use a select number of cardiovascular machines with their Fit Kids Certification.
  • Children ages 11-12 are able to use a select number of resistance training machines, in addition to the same cardiovascular machines available to ages 8-10, with their Fit Kids Certification.
  • An orientation must be completed to join the Fit Kids program.
  • Parents or guardians must accompany child at all times unless child is participating in a specific supervised program/event or is in the gym during designated “Open Gym” time as a Certified Fit Kid.
  • Children must wear their Fit Kids wrist band provided at the concierge desk while using the fitness equipment.
  • Register for an orientation by calling the Concierge Desk at 517-364-8800.
  • This program is complimentary for all members.