Whoa, baby!

Published: Nov. 11, 2015

Sparrow's Mother Baby Center has been unusually busy this November with 75 babies born during a five day period, which is well above average.

Caregivers tended to the births of 75 babies Wednesday, Nov. 4 through Sunday, Nov. 8. Kathy Marble, MSN, RNC-NIC, Director of Woman and Children Services at Sparrow, says that's about 25 more than they would typically see during a five day stretch.

One of the babies is Wesley Marshall Brummette pictured above with mother Stephanie Brummette of Sunfield. Wesley was born Saturday night.

Sparrow is mid-Michigan’s most popular birthing center, delivering about 4,000 babies a year. For more information on Sparrow’s Birthing Services, visit Sparrow.org/Birthing.

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