Wellness Coaching now available at the MAC

Published: Oct. 7, 2010

Your Wellness Coach helps you identify the changes you desire, tailoring them to your personal needs, building your confidence to begin and maintain your new program. A Personal Trainer demonstrates how to train your body. A Wellness Coach helps you train your mind for healthier habits, and a healthier lifestyle which is a perfect complement to a healthier body!

Wellness coaching is for you if you want more personal time, want to minimize stress, increase energy, create an enhanced sense of well-being, establish positive behavioral changes or attain optimal physical performance. If your desire and motivation levels are primed and ready, then Wellness Coaching is for you.

Meet our Wellness Coach, Carolyn Raymond

I am Carolyn Raymond. I have successfully helped thousands of men and women over the past 28 years make a change to a healthier lifestyle. It's a passion and a priority of mine to empower all age and fitness levels with the knowledge and confidence that a healthy lifestyle can be achieved, one step at a time, and that it can be exhilarating! The uncertainty of change is part of the human experience. The certainty of a healthier body, reduced stress, a fitter, more active and vital body, and a sensible nutrition plan results in a better sense of well-being.

The first step is to decide. The consequences of that initial decision are that you will be a participant in your own wellness, and together we'll succeed.