Two Sparrow Nurses Chosen Among the State’s Best

Published: November 15, 2023

LANSING, MI – Sparrow Nurses Catherine Brennan and Beth Shaw were among those honored among the elite of Michigan nursing in Mlive Media Group’s Top Nurses Awards.

Brennan and Shaw were among 11 nurses recognized for going above and beyond every day, dedicating their careers to providing care for others. The winning nurses were nominated by the public and chosen by, using expertise from Sparrow and the Michigan Nurses Association (MNA). The nurses received their awards in a recent ceremony in Lansing, co-sponsored by Sparrow, the MNA, Mary Free Bed, and the Calhoun Intermediate School District. Among the presenters was Kathy Marble, interim chief nursing officer of E.W. Sparrow Hospital.

As Mlive said of the honorees, “They lead their days with compassion and care, gracing their patients with the opportunity for dignity in what are often some of their toughest moments.

Catherine Brennan & Beth Shaw, MLive Nurses Awards, Nov. 2023

Sparrow nurses Catherine Brennan and Beth Shaw celebrate their Top Nurses Awards from Mlive Media Group.

“Their job can be thankless at times. Nonetheless, nurses are there for our first breath and onward. They push through long days and longer nights, answering the call that goes well beyond just physical care. Recognition is the last reason why this group does what they do, though to be awarded in front of their peers was a special moment.”

Brennan is a gerontological clinical nurse specialist at E.W. Sparrow Hospital, while Shaw is a bedside nurse in Sparrow’s Pediatric ICU.

At the ceremony, Brennan said: “I am in such amazing company and I loved hearing all of your stories. The beauty of nursing is stories. We get to be part of our patients’ stories and that’s my favorite part of being a nurse. I can’t thank the people in this room enough that have come to support me from my Sparrow family. They get me through every day.”

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