Twenty-four Sparrow practices earn PCMH designation for 2018

Published: Nov. 9, 2018

LANSING, MI – Twenty-four Sparrow-owned primary care practices have been selected as a Patient-Centered Medical Home designated practice by Blue Cross® of Michigan for 2018.

The Patient-Centered Medical Home emphasizes a holistic team approach that addresses chronic conditions and prevention. It stresses the partnership between Patients and their personal Physicians and the coordination of Patient care with any Physician or facility that the Patient interacts with. PCMH-designated practices have made the most progress in implementing Patient-Centered Medical Home capabilities, and have strong performance on quality, use, and efficiency measures.

Under the system, providers work together with Patients to improve their care according to their personal health goals.

Data from 2018 show Blue Cross PCMH-designated practices had a 27 percent lower rate of adult hospital admissions for common conditions that respond to office-based care. Those practices also had a 16 percent lower rate of adult Emergency Department visits, and a 26 percent lower rate of pediatric Emergency Department visits for common chronic and acute conditions, such as asthma.

The practices being recognized are: Sparrow Medical Group (SMG) Ashley; SMG Carson City; SMG DeWitt; SMG Eastside; SMG Fowler; SMG Greenville; SMG Holt; SMG Ionia; SMG Ithaca; SMG Lansing; SMG Lansing Internal Medicine; SMG Mason; SMG Muir; SMG North; SMG Okemos; SMG Pediatrics Carson City; SMG Portland; SMG Potterville; SMG Saranac; SMG St. Johns; SMG West; SMG Williamston; Sparrow Family Health Center – Central; and Sparrow Family Health Center – Mason.

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