Tireless Nurse Practitioners in June Caregiver Spotlight

Published: May 14, 2015

Nurse Practitioners Shirley Courey (left) and Pam Ogden (right) are known for their tireless dedication to the needs of both Patients and Primary Care Providers at Sparrow Medical Group-Lansing Internal Medicine.

Pam has worked with the SMG-LIM group since 1998. Shirley has been with the group since 2007. They handle a tremendous flow of Patients both at the clinic and hospital throughout each and every day.

“Both of these providers practically wear holes in the carpet between here and the hospital,” said SMG-LIM Clerical Assistant Jo Strong. “They do whatever they can to take care of the many Patients we see in our practice every day. Oftentimes, that means staying late, working through lunch hours, and doing endless paperwork. Each of these women knows our Patients as well as their Primary Care Providers do, and do a tremendous job. We’re fortunate to have Shirley and Pam working in our group, and they work hard to see that patients in the Lansing area have the best care possible.”

The pair are being honored together in the June Caregiver Spotlight.

Shirley expressed a sentiment shared by both women: "Working with Pam Ogden, NP, Dr. Alan Neiberg, Dr. John Siano, and Dr. Bo Wu has been a great personal experience for me. Going the extra mile to ensure our Patients feel well cared for is just one of the many goals I keep in mind everyday."