Three generations get mammograms together at Sparrow

Maria Fifield, Sarah Spitler, and Sandra Spitler

Published: April 15, 2016

A recent girls day out made for a special moment for one Lansing family and for Sparrow. Three generations of women got their annual mammograms together.

“This may be a first for us,” said Sandra Pappas O'Connor, Mammogram Team Advisor.

Breast cancer survivor Sarah Spitler, 55, came up with the idea after she and her daughter, Sandra Spitler, got checkups together last year. Sandra, 32, needs yearly mammograms as a precaution after finding a lump in her breast. A biopsy revealed it was non-cancerous.

Maria Fifield, Sarah’s 79-year-old mother and Sandra’s grandmother, was due for her mammogram too so they made it a girls day out complete with lunch and pedicures.

“Scheduling three appointments together took some effort,” said Sarah. “Sparrow made it happen. This was a great way for us to spend the afternoon.”

The Sparrow Cancer Center has been providing incredible cancer care to the mid-Michigan region for more than 50 years. Our breast cancer clinic offers a multidisciplinary team approach to help women learn about breast cancer and to make informed decisions about what kind of treatment is best for them.

Sparrow is proud to offer 3D Mammography. A 3D Mammogram is an advanced screening that provides greater detail and clarity to detect 30–40 percent more breast cancers. It’s another powerful tool in Sparrow’s cancer program.

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