Taking Patient care to the next level in Caregiver Spotlight

Barry Marcus, Sparrow Patient Care Technician

Published: Aug. 16, 2016

Sparrow Patient Care Technician Barry Marcus always puts Patients first. That’s one reason he’s being recognized in this month’s Caregiver Spotlight.

“I’m happy to play cheerleader or to hear the Patients out if they’re having trouble. I let the Nurses concentrate on the medical aspects of treatment.”

Barry works in the Mary Free Bed at Sparrow unit. He’s been a PCT in Inpatient Rehabilitation for more than 16 years.

Describing his daily tasks, Barry says: “I’m involved in hands-on Patient care, aside from medical procedures. I assist them in moving around. I help them eat, I help them get in and out of wheelchairs, I reinforce their practice of what they learned in therapy.”

The Caregiver Spotlight honors those like Barry who provide extraordinary care, making sure the needs of our Patients always come first.

In nominating Barry for the Sparrow Caregiver Spotlight honor, Cathy Hilts, RN Nurse Manager on the Mary Free Bed at Sparrow unit, wrote:

“Barry … is such a compassionate person, providing excellent care to every Patient, every time. Not only does Barry run for all call lights, accomplishes his tasks ahead of time, precepts our new PCTs, assists our Nurses and Therapists in improving Patient outcomes and experience, he also develops such a bond and trust with his Patients …”

Hilts described an incident involving a Patient’s stuffed black labrador dog:

“When the Patient went to therapy,” Hilts wrote, “she would come back to her dog in all different poses: in her bed with the covers up, sitting and waiting for her at her door, dressed in scrubs, wearing a mask, sitting in her recliner at the bedside table, etc. No one knew who was doing this, and the Patient absolutely loved it. We eventually realized it was Barry, of course!”

It was typical Barry Marcus: “If you can make somebody smile,” he says, “that makes their day that much better.”