, new video resource for public, Caregivers

Published: Feb. 28, 2013

LANSING, Mich. - Sparrow has launched, a vibrant, one-stop video site to promote Sparrow Caregivers, services, community events, and more.

The new site will be the locale for new Sparrow videos and for dozens of segments, most produced in the past year. SparrowTV may serve as a beneficial tool for members of the media to research and develop stories about inspiring Sparrow Caregivers, new programs, and major announcements. It is broken down into user-friendly categories to view and share videos.

"Sparrow is committed to finding new ways to improve the quality of our health services and this video site will help us show the public the innovative techniques we're using here," said John Berg, Sparrow Executive Director of Strategic Market Development. "Through this site, we can tell unique stories of our programs, service lines, Patients, Caregivers, and much more."

The site is divided into six categories - Sparrow News Video (our monthly Sparrow video program featuring stories from throughout the Health System), Caregivers, Innovating Care, Patient Stories, Healthy Living, and Our Community.

"We expect this great new social media-oriented site will be a tremendous resource for Patients, Caregivers, the public, and the media to learn about how Sparrow is transforming care in mid-Michigan," Berg added. "SparrowTV is another example of Sparrow leading the way in providing new ways to bring information to the public and media, such as our very successful Sparrow News Video Edition."