Sparrow responds proactively to drug shortages

Published: Oct. 31, 2011

LANSING, Mich. - Sparrow has been proactive in responding to drug shortages highlighted today by President Obama's support of bi-partisan U.S. House and Senate legislation to strengthen and preserve access to life-saving medications.

This legislation would require drug manufacturers to notify the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) six months before a potential shortage of medically-necessary drugs.

"We have monitored this issue for many months to stay ahead of any potential shortages," said Richard H. Ricker, Director of Pharmacy Services for Sparrow.

"Should medication be unavailable, Sparrow always ensures physicians are provided with appropriate alternative medications," he said.

Ricker said months ago Sparrow created a team of pharmacy members who meet daily to review pending drug shortages.

"If a specific medication is in short supply, we work proactively to identify alternative medications, and work with primary manufacturers and wholesalers to develop a plan of action to accumulate stock of the alternative medications," Ricker said.