Sparrow recognizes Patient Safety Awareness Week

Brian Schroeder, M.D., Sparrow's Chief Medical Officer

Published: March 4, 2014

Sparrow is marking this week, March 2-8, as Patient Safety Awareness Week, an annual education and awareness campaign for health care safety led by the National Patient Safety Foundation.

Sparrow is participating in the campaign through promotional materials and other means in order to emphasize the priority we place on ensuring Patient safety and that Patient needs always come first. The theme of this year's campaign is "Navigate Your Health...Safely."

We have created a video on the subject featuring Brian Schroeder, M.D., our Chief Medical Officer. Click here to watch the YouTube video!

We encourage Patients to navigate their health safely by remembering three key steps:

  • Use the resources available at MySparrow and the MySparrow Mobile App to access their medical records, send messages to their doctors, schedule appointments, and request prescription renewals from anywhere.
  • Ask their Caregivers questions about their medical treatment.
  • Always have an advocate present when they are meeting with health care providers in order to better communicate and understand medical directions.

For more information, go to or or call 517.323.3443.