Sparrow physicians, practices earn Patient-Centered designation

Published: Sept. 9, 2010

LANSING, Mich. - Dozens of Sparrow-affiliated physicians from 26 offices have been selected as Patient-Centered Medical Home practices by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan. Offices receiving this designation have achieved an overall high level of care.


Blue Cross Blue Shield gave the designation to 55 physicians from 19 offices that are part of the Sparrow Physicians Health Network (SPHN) and 29 physicians from seven offices in the Sparrow Medical Group. The physicians and practices were observed and rated on numerous quality measures, such as the level of preventive care for adolescents and health screenings given to adult women. They also were evaluated on other initiatives, such as increased access for patients.

The honor given to these Sparrow-affiliated physicians and practices is a reflection of the innovative techniques they use to deliver quality care.

"These Patient Centered Medical Home practices are leading a transformation in health care," said Dr. Harman Nagler, M.D., executive medical director of Sparrow Physicians Health Network. "They truly think about care from the patient's point of view."

The Patient-Centered Medical Home emphasizes a holistic team approach that addresses chronic conditions and prevention. It stresses the partnership between a patient and their personal physician. As a result, the physician becomes the patient's point person in the health care. Working together, they identify long-term health goals and self-management techniques.

"We're absolutely delighted by the designation," said Dr. Peter Graham, M.D., vice president, Sparrow Medical Group. "It's a lot of work. I absolutely give the credit to the physicians and the practices." Graham says preventive care is a huge part of the concept. "This shifts the focus to keeping people healthy in the first place and helping them become managers of their own health," he said.