Sparrow Physicians mark groundbreaking 50th pacemaker procedure

Published: Oct. 19, 2016

LANSING, MI – Sparrow cardiologists have marked a milestone by completing their 50th procedure to implant a leadless pacemaker, a device that aids Patients with heart arrhythmia but without invasive surgery.

Sparrow is one of the few hospitals nationwide with access to the technology.

Traditional pacemakers take an hour or more to implant and require electrical leads connecting the device directly to the Patient’s heart. With more than one million people globally receiving pacemakers annually, the new technology has the potential to revolutionize how Patients are treated — and how they recover.

At less than 10 percent the size of a traditional pacemaker, the new leadless device is implanted using a catheter procedure that allows Physicians to place the device directly inside the heart, without subjecting Patients to invasive surgery or possible complications.

Sparrow Cardiologist John Ip, M.D., an investigator with the Sparrow Clinical Research Institute (SCRI), was one of the first to implant the leadless Nanostim device in February 2014.

“Sparrow is a national leader in research and pioneering new methods of care, and our work with the new leadless pacemaker is a perfect example of why it’s important to our Patients and our community that we continue to participate in rigorous, groundbreaking work,” Dr. Ip said. “As doctors, we always want to give our Patients the best care and smoothest recovery possible. This technology helps us continue to make strides in both.”

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