Sparrow partners with area businesses to fight holiday bulge

Published: Nov. 21, 2017

LANSING, MI – Sparrow is working with Lansing businesses to help employees combat the battle of the bulge at the holiday dinner table.

The Sparrow Be Well at Work Maintain Don’t Gain Challenge is simple: maintain weight between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. Unlike most weight challenges, the goal of this one isn’t necessarily to lose pounds. It’s more realistic for the holidays -- stay within one percent of your starting weight and become eligible for prizes.

The aim is to encourage realistic and healthy behaviors during the holidays. Employers interested in learning how to become involved can email the Be Well at Work team at

Onsite weigh-ins are provided by Be Well at Work, with each company supplying its own prizes and incentives. In addition, 14 local companies are challenging each other to see who can achieve the highest percentage of employees who maintain their weight.

Some participating companies include Dean Transportation, Michigan State University Federal Credit Union, and Two Men and a Truck. Sparrow also offers the program to Caregivers across the health system.

Last year, about 900 employees, including Sparrow, participated in the Maintain Don’t Gain challenge.

“We find that for both our Sparrow Caregivers and Lansing-area employees, the holidays can be a time where regular habits such as eating properly and continuing to exercise are easy to get away from,” said Sparrow Health and Wellness Manager Leslie Polack. “We want people to enjoy the holidays and indulge a little, but not completely stray from healthy behaviors. Maintain Don’t Gain is a way to provide a sense of accountability, without adding the stress of losing weight, during an already stressful time of year.”

It’s the fifth year that Sparrow has offered the program, which is part of our mission to improve the health of the people in the Mid-Michigan region.

Sparrow’s Be Well at Work program aims to improve the overall health of Lansing-area employees, reduce unnecessary costs for employers and improve productivity.

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