Sparrow leads nation with innovative bedside reports

Published: Dec. 8, 2015

Sparrow is leading the way in Patient safety with an innovative strategy for the crucial half-hour when a Patient’s care changes hands.

In April 2012, Sparrow became the first hospital in mid-Michigan to implement bedside shift reports, an evidence-based best practice that puts Patients at the center of their own care. Sparrow’s approach is now a fast-growing trend among hospitals across the country, according to the Wall Street Journal and other major national news sources.

“Although the rest of the country is just figuring out that this is a best practice, we have been committed to this for quite some time,” said Sparrow’s Vice President of Nursing Christine Jodoin. “We are proud to be a national leader in quality and Patient experience.”

Traditionally, Nurses relay information at shift change by conferring at the nurses’ station or in the hallway. Studies show this is a time when communication gaps could most easily occur. With bedside shift reports, Caregivers meet at the bedside so the Patient can witness the handoff of responsibilities and participate in the dialogue about their condition and care.

The innovation has increased Patient safety and satisfaction, said Jodoin.

“It increases accountability between shifts, makes handoffs more Patient-centered, encourages individualized care, and promotes active Patient and family participation in the plan of care.”

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