Sparrow Leadership Academy builds physician leaders

Published: March 28, 2014

30 Physicians, nominated by Sparrow Leadership for showing visionary potential, have started as the inaugural class of the Sparrow Physician Leadership Academy.

The program, a two-year curriculum aimed to cultivate Physicians with business skills and leadership expertise, is just one example of how Sparrow is embracing a culture of collaboration between administrators, Physicians, and organizational leaders as we prepare for the changing healthcare environment.

We encourage and support our Physician Leadership participants as they embark on this initiative and lay the groundwork for making exceptional contributions to our organization over time.

  • Michael Andary, M.D.
  • Ovidiu Batca, M.D.
  • Christopher Beal, D.O.
  • Ellen Cavenagh, M.D.
  • Karen Ching, M.D.
  • James DeMuth, M.D.
  • Francesca Dwamena, M.D.
  • Doug Edema, M.D.
  • Paul Entler, D.O.
  • Carlos Fernandez, D.O.
  • Amit Ghose, M.D.
  • Ted Glynn, M.D.
  • Peter Graham, M.D.
  • Timothy Hodge, D.O.
  • Ronald Hyde, D.O.
  • Lucas Julien, M.D.
  • Rajil Karnani, M.D.
  • Ikjot Kaur, M.D.
  • John Kepros, M.D.
  • Mindy Lane, D.O.
  • Valerie Levitt, M.D.
  • Hugh Lindsey, M.D.
  • Edwin Marinas, M.D.
  • Andrew MacKersie, M.D.
  • Candace Metcalf, D.O.
  • Carol Nwelue, M.D.
  • Stanlyn Powers, D.O.
  • Timur Raghib, M.D.
  • Steven Roth, M.D.
  • Maryann Tran, M.D.