Sparrow launches Be Well Everyday, community health portal

Published: Aug. 8, 2013

Whether it's taking a health assessment, tracking fruits and veggies, or customizing a health plan, Sparrow's Be Well Everyday community health portal will help participants get on the path to wellness. And it's free.

The easy-to-use, comprehensive and confidential online health management system allows users to obtain a health report, identify health risks, access the Mayo Health Library for information on diseases and conditions, and more.

"This program is a great tool for anyone who wants to make healthier choices," said Leslie Polack, Sparrow's Manager of Health and Wellness. "It identifies health risks and highlights areas that need improvement in order to ensure users take back control of their health."

Signing up is simple and free. Log on to and click on "go to login page" in the Be Well Everyday portal. Then click on "sign up today" and begin your assessment. Once inside, users will have access to an abundance of tools designed to encourage healthier choices.

"It's easy to customize your plan based on your lifestyle, added Polack. "No two people are the same. Assessing your health and establishing a baseline is the foundation to beginning any health improvement plan. Be Well Everyday gives community members that opportunity and offers valuable, customized health information in a confidential, self-paced, online setting."

Sparrow's health and wellness efforts carry out our mission of improving the health of the people in our communities by treating people before they become Patients. Wellness programs are specifically designed to reach children, seniors, worksites, and Sparrow Caregivers. For more information, contact