Sparrow Ionia providing the latest in bone health assessment

Published: Feb. 24, 2014

Sparrow Ionia Hospital has expanded its health and wellness services with the addition of the Horizon™ bone densitometry system from Hologic.

With the Horizon™ system, Sparrow Ionia Hospital can now provide two powerful screening tests - vertebral fracture assessment and bone density measurement - which can help Patients live longer, healthier, more active lives.

Horizon™ provides spine and hip bone mass density results in seconds - no other osteoporosis screening system comes close to the combined speed and image resolution of this system. With high-resolution vertebral fracture assessment, vertebral fractures can be detected early and help save Patients from debilitating and life-threatening spine and hip fractures in later life.

Osteoporosis is a growing healthcare crisis affecting millions of men and women worldwide. The healthcare costs associated with osteoporosis are staggering and the effect on a person's quality of life can be devastating. Only about 10 percent of women over the age of 65 have normal bone mass while 77 percent of American women with osteoporosis are undiagnosed (and therefore untreated).

Fortunately, osteoporosis is detectable and treatable and testing is safe and non-invasive. Sparrow Ionia Hospital and its physician practices provide a comprehensive scope of services addressing the physical needs of their Patients. For more information about osteoporosis and to schedule your bone density exam, please talk with your family physician.