Sparrow Ionia Hospital Foundation holds "Thanks for Giving" event

Published: Dec. 6, 2016

The Sparrow Ionia Hospital Foundation recently recognized scholarship recipients at a "Thanks for Giving" donor event. This year almost $20,000 was awarded to ten Caregivers in a variety of departments at Sparrow Ionia Hospital.

In the photo (listed left to right) are five of the Scholarship recipients and Foundation Board members. Larry McKaig, President, Sparrow Ionia Hospital Foundation; Sharon Page, Foundation Board Member; Virgil Biggs, Foundation Board Member; Teather Lowe, RDCS, Radiology; Laura Wolfgang, BSN, RN, Medical/Surgical; Tom Dickinson, Vice President, Sparrow Ionia Hospital Foundation; Steve O’Mara, Foundation Board Member; sitting – Brittney Heydenburk, HUC, Emergency Department; Connie Huhn, BSN, RN, Emergency Department and Judith Wiles, BSN, RN, House Supervisor.

Not available for photo were: Roy Cummings, RT, Radiology; Taylor Cooper, CNA, Medical/Surgical; Danna Humphreys, MC, SMG Portland; Ashley Wetherbee, MA, SMG Ionia and Terry Rowley, RN, Surgery