Sparrow Ionia Hospital Foundation Awards Scholarships

 Published: Dec. 19, 2013

SIH Scholarship Winners 2013 (pictured from left): Tema Evans, Jamie Bennett, Jennifer Western and Billie Jo Carrera.

Sparrow Ionia Hospital Foundation is pleased to award over $10,000 in scholarships to eight hospital Caregivers who are continuing their education in healthcare. The funds are available through the Charlotte and Ray Lapo and Don and Emma Goodell Scholarship Funds managed by the Foundation with the purpose of providing continuing education opportunities for Sparrow Ionia Hospital Caregivers.

Receiving scholarships from the Sparrow Ionia Hospital Foundation are Jennifer Western, Radiology; Tema Evans, Walk-In Care Clinic; Sarah Pratt, Family Health Center Portland; Kelly Raths, Family Health Center Portland; Billie Jo Carrera, Oncology Department; Angela Keehn, Patient Access; Jamie Bennett, Tony Balice Clinic; and Teather Lowe, Radiology.

(pictured from left): Sarah Pratt and Kelly Raths

Each fall, the Sparrow Ionia Hospital Foundation awards educational scholarships to Caregivers pursuing additional higher education opportunities. Additionally, each spring the Foundation awards scholarships to both an Ionia High School senior and a Heartlands School of Technology student who are pursuing an education in the healthcare field. To date, over $110,000 has been awarded to hospital and community members in these endeavors.

"We are very fortunate to have resources, through donations to the Foundation, to assist individuals with their continuing education. Scholarships are awarded to current Caregivers to help them continue their education which in turn makes a significant contribution towards our goal of providing the best healthcare possible to members of our community," stated Jason Eppler, President Sparrow Ionia Hospital Foundation.

The Lapo Scholarship Fund was established in 1973 by Raymond Lapo, a longtime member of the Hospital Board of Directors, and his wife, Charlotte. The Don and Emma Goodell Scholarship Fund, established in 2007, was created to assist deserving employees who are furthering their education in the healthcare related field.