Sparrow to introduce new Population Health service model

Published: May 14, 2015

Sparrow’s Population Health Services Organization is a new service model designed to help Physicians manage the care and well-being of entire populations while care is coordinated across the health care system.

Population Health Management provides more efficient care and improved outcomes to consumers that oftentimes can translate into lower premium or out-of-pocket costs and improved communications between Physicians.

As at Sparrow, Population Health puts the needs of the Patient first. Population Health Management emphasizes higher level of coordinated services to better manage the chronic conditions of the highest risk patients.

You can learn more on Peter Graham, M.D., Executive Medical Director of Sparrow Physicians Health Plan, will discuss how Population Health Management will help Sparrow enhance the delivery of care across the mid-Michigan region, drive growth, and challenge conventional structure in order to succeed in a new era of health care.