Sparrow Clinton Hospital celebrates Caregivers’ years of service

Published: April 21, 2014

Donald Porter, M.D. 5 yrs.

Melanie Kotowicz, 15 yrs.

Kathy Kushmaul, 25 yrs.

Theresa Thelen, 31 yrs.

Jim Gunther, 35 yrs.

Sparrow Clinton Hospital's annual Service Recognition Banquet recently honored Caregivers for their many years of service providing quality care and comfort to Patients.

"Sparrow Clinton Hospital's growth and success depends upon our many dedicated, highly skilled Caregivers," said Ed Bruun, Sparrow Clinton Hospital President and CEO. "I have never worked with a better group of people. We celebrate the contributions they make every day, providing quality, compassionate care."

Certificates of recognition were presented to those celebrating service anniversaries of five, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, and 35 years. Caregivers with 25 or more years of service also were honored for their outstanding service.

The following employees were acknowledged for their contributions to Sparrow Clinton Hospital:

5 Years

Amber Piper, Routine Nursing; Susan Singer, Surgery Department; Fawn McCarty, Customer Service/Concierge; Teresa Beard, Critical Care; Elaine Kole, Critical Care; Thomas Kirkconnell, Pharmacy; Fred Bowman, Environmental Services; Jodi Deming, Business Office Registrar; Shelly Simmon, Food & Nutrition; Alicia Burke, Laboratory; Donald Porter, M.D., St. Johns Professional Associates Surgeon; LeaAnn P. French, St. Johns Professional Associates; Shelly Vliet, ER Nursing

10 Years

Gwendolyn Stokes, Environmental Services; Robin Hyland, Pharmacy; Linda Feldpausch, Routine Nursing; Thelma Sherman, Surgery Department; Mary Simison, ER Nursing; Michelle Hafner, Accounting; Katy Johnson, Outpatient Services; Patricia Allbert, Radiology; Greg Holzhei, D.O., St. Johns Professional Associates Clinic; Sarah Shaw, Radiology

15 Years

Kari Simon, St. Johns Professional Associates; Melanie Kotowicz, Surgery Department; Sue Graham, Rehab/Physical Therapy; Ardith Markman, Critical Care; Cynthia Vitek, Radiology; Patricia Douglass, Rehab/Physical Therapy

20 Years

Teresa Miller, Routine Nursing

25 Years

Kathy Kushmaul, Business Office; Jeanne Hudson, Patient Financial Services

30 Years

Debra Schneider, St. Johns Professional Associates Administration

35 Years

James Gunther, Cardiopulmonary; Christine Leavitt, ER Nursing; Ardith Mulder, Business Office Registration; Sally Ralph, Retired

More than 25 Years

Sherry Curtis (29), Business Office Registrar; Wendy Denovich (31), Central Supply; Joyce Freed (32), Sleep Study Center; Carroll Hagerman (32), Environmental Services; Cathy Hallead (42), Nursing Administration; Karl Heeke (32), Critical Care; Sharon Jegla (27), Pharmacy; Richard Light (33), Environmental Services; Kathleen McElroy (33), Surgery, Department; Judy Miller (28), Food & Nutrition; Teresa Pickens (32), ER Nursing; Gretchen Priess (31), Routine Nursing; Julie Schrantz (31), Pharmacy; Diane Simon (26), ER Nursing; Marjorie Simon (37), Routine Nursing; Susanne Sorrell (27), Radiology; Theresa Thelen (31), Surgery Department; Ruth Thompson (36), Fitness Center; Thomas Verlinde (31), Retired