Sparrow Clinton Hospital Auxiliary selects leaders for 2019-2021

Photo caption:Sparrow Clinton Hospital Auxiliary members (from front left) Karen Gillespie, Courtney Pendleton, Roxie Wilkins, Darice Duckworth, (from back left) Kim Kellogg, Dee Phinney, Rose Rennells, Diane Zuker, Nancy Mino, Brekelle Wiedenmannott, Angie Beals, and Sue Detloff celebrated their installation as officers and executive board members with SCH President and CEO Ed Bruun (back center) and SCH Board of Directors Chairman Dan Coss.

Published: June 6, 2019

ST. JOHNS, MI – Members of the Sparrow Clinton Hospital Auxiliary recently held their annual installation meeting, naming officers and leaders for the coming year.

Darice Duckworth was named 2019 Auxilian of the Year, receiving the honor from Kim Kellogg, the 2018 honoree. Duckworth received special recognition from her peers for her dedication to volunteer leadership and service to her community through Auxiliary projects, as well as her positive attitude and outstanding support of Sparrow Clinton Hospital and Auxiliary members.

The Auxiliary’s incoming officers include Courtney Pendleton and Roxanne Wilkins, co-presidents; Darice Duckworth, co-president elect; Diane Zuker, recording secretary; Karen Gillespie, treasurer; Brekelle Wiedenmannott, fundraising committee chair; Kim Kellogg, corresponding secretary; and Gay Baker, historian.

Executive board members for 2018-20 are Angie Beals, Sue Detloff, and Pat Karek. Executive board members for 2019-21 are Kathy Pattison, Dee Phinney, and Rose Rennells. Sparrow Clinton Hospital Foundation Representative is Nancy Mino.

The Sparrow Clinton Hospital Auxiliary’s mission is to promote the goals and objectives of Sparrow Clinton Hospital through support of the hospital, its Caregivers, and its Patients; positive public relations; and effective use of its members’ time and talents.

The Sparrow Clinton Hospital Auxiliary breaks for the summer and reconvenes in September. New members are welcome. To learn more about the Auxiliary, call 989.227.3334.

Photo caption: Former Sparrow Clinton Hospital Auxilian of the Year Kim Kellogg (left) presented Darice Duckworth with the 2019 Auxilian of the Year Award assisted by SCH President and CEO Ed Bruun. Duckworth was selected by her peers for her outstanding leadership, positive attitude, and dedication to the group.