Sparrow celebrates two-years in Mayo Clinic Care Network

Published: June 2, 2014

Sparrow is marking its two-year anniversary as a member of the Mayo Clinic Care Network by expanding network resources to more Physicians.

Sparrow's membership in the Mayo Clinic Care Network is helping Sparrow Physicians provide some of the most advanced care in the nation, right here in mid-Michigan. More than 700 additional Physicians will soon have access to Mayo Clinic Care Network resources as we mark this milestone.

Mayo Clinic resources complement our Physicians' expertise and help Patients avoid unnecessary travel for specialty care.

David Hayes, M.D., medical director of the Mayo Clinic Care Network, visited Sparrow Monday. Dr. Hayes, Brian Schroeder, M.D, Sparrow Senior Vice President of Medical Affairs & Chief Medical Officer and James Olson, M.D., Sparrow Chief of Staff, met with Physician groups to talk about collaborating with Mayo Clinic and how it can benefit Sparrow Patients.