Sparrow Carson Hospital names 2018 Nurse of the Year

Published: July 16, 2018

CARSON CITY, MI – Sparrow Carson Hospital has named Nora Ryan, RN, as its 2018 Nurse of the Year.

Ryan has been with Sparrow Carson for 39 years and has worked in the Emergency Department for nearly 30 of those years.

“The values and standards of excellence, which are the foundation of Sparrow Carson Hospital, are routinely demonstrated in Nora’s every day practice,” read her nomination letter.

Ryan is the chair of the Sparrow Carson Emergency Department’s Unit Based Council and a member of the Service Line Council, which is focused on wellness initiatives for Caregivers. She often donates her time and supplies to decorate for hospital events, on and off campus, and outside of normal work hours.

Ryan is also passionate about her community and has been a part of several community projects, including the Splash Pad and Restroom Restoration Project at West Park; teaching Zumba; and often organizing meals, care and assistance to Caregivers and other residents in need.

“It is nearly impossible to summarize the contributions of such a distinguished and notable Nurse and community leader,” her nomination read.

As the recipient of the 2018 Nurse of the Year award, she received a certificate and plaque, a decorative lantern, and a new stethoscope engraved with her name. Nominees for the 2018 Nurse of the Year also included Pam Pelz, RN, LBSW, and Laurie Frantz-Hartley, RN, BSN.

Sparrow Carson Hospital is extremely proud of our all Nurses for their dedication and commitment to our Patients.

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