Sparrow Caregivers donate scrubs to a good cause

Published: Feb. 6, 2012

Sparrow Caregivers and volunteers collected gently used scrubs today to benefit a good cause.

The scrubs will be donated to Sparrow Emergency Department SANE program, which provides clothing for sexual assault victims who come to the ER. Donations also will go to the Women's Resource Center of Mid-Michigan's Career Closet, which provides clothing to women entering the workforce, including the healthcare field.

Many Sparrow Caregivers have scrubs to give because Sparrow has moved to a color-based dress code system that allows Patients to quickly and easily identify and distinguish hospital workers. For example, all Registered Nurses now wear hunter green scrubs and housekeeping staff wear navy blue.

Scrubs are in high demand because they are seldom donated, said Sue Malone, president of the Women's Resource Center.

"When we switched to color uniforms I think all of us wanted to give our old scrubs to a good cause," said Stephanie Prosser, a Registered Nurse who organized the event.

Sparrow Caregiver Marissa Jarvi, RN, arrived at the drive with two full bags of used scrubs in her arms saying she hoped they would be put to good use.

"We heard there was a great need and we are happy to help," Jarvi said.

Patients are now able to easily identify Sparrow Caregivers by the colors the wear. The color groupings are:

Khaki (light brown) - Patient Care Techs

Hunter Green - Registered Nurses.

Chocolate (dark brown) - Transport & Lab

Navy Blue - Housekeeping

Wine (deep red) - Respiratory, Radiation, & Imaging

Black and White - Food & Nutrition

Black Polo Shirts - Patient Representatives & Unit Coordinators

Dark Green Polo Shirts - Physical, Occupational & other Therapists

Ceil Blue (traditional light blue) - Surgery

Contact: 517.364.3931.