Sparrow and HGB formalize affiliation agreement


Published: April 10, 2012

LANSING, Mich., and CHARLOTTE, Mich. - Sparrow Health System and Hayes Green Beach Memorial Hospital have signed a nonexclusive affiliation agreement that commits both organizations to jointly develop operational, clinical and programmatic services. A Memorandum of Understanding was signed this February as a first step toward the affiliation.

The primary intent of the affiliation is to improve quality of care by fostering closer cooperation and forging greater clinical integration. Teams consisting of care providers from HGB and Sparrow have collaborated in recent weeks to identify initiatives that leverage each organization's strengths to better meet patient needs. These initiatives include:

• Enhancing and expanding access to cardiology services including outpatient care offered at HGB's Heart Station, and weekend inpatient care and consultations.

• Expanding resources and improving the consistency of inpatient care systems to ensure patient satisfaction and reduce unnecessary transfers.

• Establishing emergency stroke and chest pain care protocols to provide the best local care possible and if necessary, optimize transfer processes to tertiary care.

"The goal of this affiliation has always been to enhance patient care through further strengthening our relationship with Sparrow," said Matt Rush, FACHE, HGB President and CEO. "The initiatives we are developing bring together talented medical professionals from both organizations to implement best practices that focus on patients and deliver care close to home. We are very pleased with the spirit of collaboration and have great confidence in the results we can achieve together."

"Hayes Green Beach Memorial Hospital is an outstanding health care provider and community resource. We look forward to partnering more closely with them to better meet the needs of patients throughout the region," said Dennis Swan, President and CEO, Sparrow Health System. "This affiliation agreement is an example of our shared philosophy of delivering the highest quality health care as close to home as possible."

HGB and Sparrow will continue to explore additional opportunities per the affiliation agreement to create positive, memorable patient experiences and improve the health of the people in the communities we serve.

Sparrow Contact: John Berg 517.360.3627 (Media Pager)

Hayes Green Beach Contact: Darice Darling 517.543.1050, ext. 1206