September 2022 Caregiver Spotlight – Alyssa Gruber

September 2022

Alyssa Gruber, a supervisor in Sparrow’s Department of Public Safety, goes above and beyond to make sure patients and their families feel safe and welcome while at E.W. Hospital.

Alyssa and her team are the first encounter for our patients, visitors, and caregivers at E.W. Sparrow. With a positive attitude and enthusiasm for life, Alyssa inspires her team to do better each day. Sometimes that means helping a visitor who is lost or consoling a grieving family member.

“If I don’t do well at coaching my team, then anyone who walks through our doors is going to have a bad experience,” says Alyssa. “I just try to get everyone through whatever moment they’re going through.”

Alyssa goes above and beyond to ensure that patients and their families come first. No exceptions. That’s one reason Alyssa is this month’s Caregiver Spotlight.