September 2017 Volunteer of the Month

Published: Sept. 7, 2017

The Sparrow Women’s Board of Managers and the Sparrow Volunteer Services Department have named Vishy Viswanathan of Haslett the September Volunteer of the Month.

Vishy started at the Information Desk and now has been in the surgical lounge as scheduler for 90 volunteers for three years and soon is turning those duties over to another volunteer. He is said to do a wonderful job and once remotely did the scheduling from India. He is dedicated, precise and makes sure each shift is filled, even sometimes fills in the gaps when others cannot be there. His “normal” is two shifts a week.

Vishy says he finds a lot of satisfaction and joy working with multiple people, staff and doctors, as well as the patients and their families., the busier the better. He is very enthusiastic about his volunteering.

He grew up in India and worked for a large IT company. Since his wife was at Michigan State teaching microbiology, he came here to join her and they live in Haslett. He was retired and looking for something to do, so volunteered at Sparrow.

He and his wife have two sons, one is a doctor and lives in New York. The other is in Phoenix, Arizona working in marketing for Chrysler Corporation.

Vishy enjoys reading and loves the USA’s library system. He travels to India every year and has traveled to many areas of the U.S. including Washington D.C., California, and of course Arizona and New York to visit their sons. He hopes to visit some National Parks soon.

The Sparrow Women’s Board of Managers takes great pride in honoring volunteers like Vishy Viswanathan who share their time and talent for the benefit of Sparrow’s patients and families. To learn more about volunteering at Sparrow, please visit or call our office at 517.364.3606.