Nursing Council and Committee Fair

Published: Sept. 22, 2015

The Nursing Work Life Committee held its annual Council and Committee Fair on Monday, Sept. 21, as a fun and interactive way to promote Nursing awareness and participation on councils and committees at Sparrow.

A morning event was held at Sparrow Hospital’s Main Lobby while an afternoon fair took place on 9 West to enable as many Caregivers as possible to attend. The Nursing Work Life Committee provided door prizes and light refreshments for everyone who attended the fair.

Councils and committees present included: Nursing Research, Magnet, Skin Care, Nursing Practice, Falls Prevention, Pain Management, CLABSI Eradication, Quality, and Nursing Work Life. Team leaders brought displays to share with bedside Nurses to explain their team’s purpose, who is represented on the team (such as Nurses, Patient Care Technicians, or Physical Therapists), meeting times and dates, current projects, how Caregivers can get involved, and other useful resources.

Both fairs were well attended. It was a great way to learn more about the many Nursing councils and committees that Sparrow has to offer.

More photos from the event will be posted later this week on Sparrow's Facebook page.