November 2020 Caregiver Spotlight – Amera Koudi

November 2020

Amera Koudi, who works in Food and Nutrition Services at Sparrow Hospital, provides room service meals to patients, but does so much more.

A colleague says Amera “greets all her patients with empathy and patience.” Just recently, she befriended a patient from another country who was scared and finding it difficult to communicate. Amera brought her clothes and visited her to allay her loneliness.

Amera says she works for Sparrow “because I love people. I love to help.

“If I can do something small to help the patient, I’ll be there. Some of them are lonely and want someone to talk to. I listen. I like to laugh with people, I like to smile, I like to make their days.”

Amera has a word of advice for everyone in healthcare: “Just do it from the heart. It’s a hospital. We’re here to help people get better.”

Cindy Pontius, a Sparrow PCT who nominated Amera for this month’s Caregiver Spotlight, said Sparrow is lucky to have such a caring, loving, compassionate caregiver. “We are truly blessed to have her.”