New Year’s Baby a surprise start to the year for family

Mom Ashley, brothers Zayden (16 mos.) and Skyler (8 yrs.) and dad Patrick welcome little Charlee to the family at Sparrow's Mother Baby Center.

Published: Jan. 1, 2013

Sparrow's 2013 New Year's Baby wasn't expected to arrive until the middle of January, but Charlee Marie Sherwood decided to come early at 12:06 a.m. this morning.

Charlee, weighing in at 5 pounds, 8 ounces, joins older brothers, 8 yr. old Sklyer, and 16 month old Zayden.

"We never thought this would happen. She wasn't due until the middle of January. And then, once labor started it looked like she was going to come before midnight," said mom Ashley Sherwood.

Older brother Skyler was excited too, noting how soft her cheeks were and declaring she was "Good Luck Charlee" - clearly a fan of the popular Disney Channel show by a similar name.

Parents Ashley and Patrick Sherwood of Mason received an infant car seat along with a teddy bear and other gifts from Sparrow in honor of the event.

Stephanie Fleming, MD, delivered the baby with resident physicians Susrap Song, MD, and Caitlin Kelly, DO, and nurses Sandy Rogers and Erin Gilbert-Eyres.

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