New Williamston practice offers quality care close to home

from left: Doug Edema, M.D., Vice President, Sparrow Medical Group; Pam Leiby, Director, Physician Services; Lisa Craft, SMG Williamston Practice Manager; Dave Kruger, Vice President, Sparrow Physician Practice Administration; Dorothea Edmunds, D.O., Physician, SMG Williamston; Donald Setter, D.O., Physician, SMG Williamston

Published: Sept. 26, 2016

Sparrow is celebrating the grand opening of Sparrow Medical Group (SMG) Williamston, a family practice that will provide quality healthcare close to home for Williamston residents and surrounding communities. See more photos from the open house.

The new family practice will have two full-time Physicians, Donald Setter, D.O., and Dorothea Edmunds, D.O., and a complement of medical assistants.

SMG Williamston will be open to Patients on Tuesday, Sept. 27. It is located at 301 Williamston Center Road, near the corner of Williamston and Linn roads. Patients can call 517.655.5977 to schedule an appointment.

“Primary care is important to the overall health of the population. Sparrow has invested significantly in expanding primary care access and establishing a medical home for our Patients, including this new practice in Williamston,” said Joe Ruth, Sparrow Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. “As an extension of primary care, Sparrow also has three Urgent Care centers and four FastCare clinics who, like our SMG practices in Williamston, use the MySparrow electronic record. This means better care coordination between the Primary Care Physician (PCP) and the Clinic when a Patient seeks care outside of their PCP’s normal office hours.”

Said Dr. Setter: “We hope this new practice will show the Williamston and surrounding communities how committed we are to improving their health by providing quality healthcare services at a location that will be close to home, and thus more convenient to access. Through SMG Williamston and other Sparrow services in the area including pharmacy, medical supply and outpatient rehabilitation, Sparrow will continue to strive to offer the best in care and Patient experience for this community.”

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