New timekeeping, scheduling system coming soon - Kronos (MyTime)

Published: Jan. 15, 2015

What is MyTime?

MyTime is an electronic timekeeping and scheduling system that will soon be implemented at Sparrow. This robust system will replace the following current applications:

  • One Staff Scheduling
  • Web Scheduler
  • API (reporting)
  • Report Express (timekeeping)
  • Time call (telephone time record collection)
  • TimePC (Caregiver portal)

Why are we changing from our current systems to MyTime?

The system we are currently using is outdated and will soon be sunsetting. MyTime represents new state-of-the-art technology built to handle the future needs of Sparrow and its Patients.

What are the benefits of MyTime?

  • It empowers Caregivers to take ownership of their time through an interactive, automated timekeeping system.
  • Ability to use advanced technology for scheduling
    • Easier for Caregivers to view available shifts
    • Empowers Caregivers and gives them greater ability to understand and select scheduling options
    • Integration of Epic census data and better aligning scheduling to Patient needs
    • Ability to request time off within MyTime
  • Fewer manual process to apply complex pay rules
  • Consistently applies Sparrow’s policies related to time and attendance
  • Increases efficiency and payroll process improvements

When is the go-live?

  • Timekeeping – all Sparrow on Sunday, Feb. 22
  • Scheduling
    • Pilot Group (34 Departments) on Sunday, Feb. 22
    • Phase II – Other Departments on Saturday, June 21

Will all Sparrow Facilities utilize MyTime?

  • Yes, Sparrow Main, St. Lawrence, Specialty, Clinton, Ionia, Sparrow Medical Group – Ambulatory Clinics, PHP, MAC/MAC Restaurant, Sparrow Community Care will move to MyTime.

Watch for more details regarding timekeeping and scheduling training and changes for Caregivers.